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Introducing our new customer service initiatives

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Introducing our new customer service initiatives

We’re pleased to announce that we have implemented a range of new initiatives across all our 20 UK branches as part of ongoing customer service improvements.

With plenty of changes to get through, we’ll get started, shall we?

What’s changed?

Our customers are and always have been our first priority. We constantly take on board feedback from customers branch to branch and we have now invested in new initiatives that will improve our customer service throughout the UK.

New measures include:

  • Simplified pick-up and drop-off process
  • Increased customer information in regards to vehicle damage
  • Reduced associated charges

Vehicle damage

Customers now have until 10am the following day to report any pre-existing damage on one of our vehicles. This is the latest handover agreement available in the car rental sector and we’re proud to be able to give our customers the flexibility of determining any faults after they leave a branch.

Having longer to identify any pre-existing damage will be particularly useful when customers come to pick up a vehicle after a late-night flight or in typical rainy Great British weather.

We have also reviewed our damage matrix to make it more detailed and accurate to the damage in question. At the same time, we’ve reevaluated the damage charging process which will reduce the amount customers will be charged for any damage.

Enhanced customer information

To make customers aware of potential damage, a specially-created video has been curated to help customers identify defects and check vehicles correctly. This video will be shown on pick-up of the vehicle and a reminder leaflet will be placed inside vehicles to reaffirm responsibilities and damage hot spots.

Happy customers

Our team has endeavoured to fulfil all possible experience improvements identified by customers. The vast majority of our customers have long been happy with our service but these changes have been made to ensure that each and every customer enjoys an excellent car hire experience with us.

We’re really pleased with the results, and our customers are too!

Feedback over the busy summer rental period has indicated improved satisfaction levels, with customers welcoming all the new measures introduced.

So, with an abundance of happy customers, low-emission vehicles and affordable prices, what are you waiting for?

With 20 locations around the UK, you’re never too far from one of our branches and we have car hire available in many of the most popular tourist destinations. For more information about the range of vehicles available, browse our online booking platform.

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