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London black cabs to go green

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London black cabs to go green

It is expected that in five years’ time over half of London black cabs will be electric- which will result in a positive impact on the environment.

Following the launch of the latest battery-powered TX5 model, London’s iconic black cabs will ditch diesel and opt for the electrical hybrid. The TX5 will be manufactured at a new £300m plant outside of Coventry and will be made available from 2017.

The release will come just before the new regulations take effect in January 2018 requiring all new taxis and private hire vehicles in London to have a ‘zero emissions’ capability for at least 30 miles.

Plug-in hybrid capabilities are boasted by the new six-seater cab, meaning it can run on battery power and then switch from electric to petrol power when its battery runs out. It will also provide WiFi access and charging points for passengers.

The move into environmentally friendly cabs will help the capital to find a solution for the air pollution. According to TfL London’s current fleet of approximately 23,000 taxis, the large majority being diesel, are responsible for 18% of the nitrogen dioxide produce in the capital and 19% of dangerous particles.

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