Statement from the Green Motion UK Master Franchise relating to recent Channel 4 broadcast

Release Date:

Sian Marston, Managing Director of Green Motion UK Master Franchise, said:

“We're very disappointed by the way Joe Lycett's Got Your Back programme shown on Friday 3rd May presented allegations relating to the Green Motion Heathrow franchise. The programme did not reflect the levels of service experienced by many thousands of satisfied Green Motion customers over the last 12 months across our UK network.

"Two members of staff from our extensive workforce were shown on camera making inappropriate comments about ways they sought to treat customers with the aim of earning bonuses. This behaviour is completely against our procedures and commitment to customer service and has come as a great surprise to ourselves. One of the members of staff was released from employment earlier in the year due to providing an unacceptable level of poor customer service and care, the second member of staff has been suspended whilst we investigate further. When this is complete, we will take appropriate and necessary disciplinary action.

"The programme showed Joe Lycett deliberately choosing not to report damage that he and his team had detected to an alloy wheel during a pre-rental inspection. Our procedures encourage customers to check cars they collect carefully for any pre-existing damage that might not be identified on the Vehicle Condition Report so they avoid any unnecessary charges. Mr. Lycett had two opportunities to report the damage and signed on two separate occasions confirming that the vehicles condition was that as stated. Had Mr Lycett followed our procedure, as explained in his rental agreement and encouraged by staff, he would not have been charged for any damage. As soon as the damage was identified, a full refund was actioned without question.

"The comedy stunt of crushing a different car and seeking to return it in order to provoke a reaction from staff that could be captured on film was totally unfair inappropriate and foolish. Rental cars are highly valuable items and we treat them with care. We ask our customers to do the same within their rental agreements. We commend our staff for remaining calm and dealing with the stunt in a professional manner."

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