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​Top tips for green driving

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​Top tips for green driving

Whilst driving a greener car has a significant impact on the environment, drivers can take other precautions to make their driving more eco-friendly. Here are Green Motion’s top tips for green driving…

1.The most obvious tip is to choose a greener car. Cars that have a higher fuel efficiency emit fewer emissions, save on petrol and diesel, and reduce your car tax. Hybrid or dual fuel cars are the most fuel efficient.

2.When buying a new car, think about what you’re going to be using it for. For local commuting and town driving, smaller engine cars are ideal, and use less fuel, with lower emissions.

3.Drive efficiently and reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The key to this is driving as smoothly as possible, avoiding rapid acceleration and late braking, which both drain your fuel. Changing up your gears as soon as possible helps to reduce engine revs, fuel consumption and emissions.

4.Turn it off. If you’re caught in traffic and haven’t moved for some time, turn your engine off as you are just wasting energy.

5.Keep your car topped up with oil, coolant, and wind screen washer, and ensure that your tyre pressures are correct, all of which will help the car to run more efficiently.

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