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A guide to inspecting your rental car before you hire

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A guide to inspecting your rental car before you hire

When renting a car from any car hire supplier it is advisable that you inspect both the interior and exterior the car to establish the condition of the vehicle prior to commencing your rental. Before signing off on a rental car, you should make sure you are happy with the condition of the car as stated on the vehicle condition report, and that it is a true and fair representation. Typically, regardless of the supplier, you will likely be held liable for any noted change in the vehicle’s condition whilst it is in your custody.

This video provides you with a step-by-step guide and outlines the best practices for how to conduct a thorough inspection of a vehicle. It also highlights the damage hot spots to be aware of and shows you how to check these areas properly.

By undertaking this vital process, it should assist in you having a pleasurable rental experience from start to finish.

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