Carbon Neutral Donation

Green Heart - Carbon Neutral Donation

Green Motion was launched in 2007 with the clear objective of offering a truly ecological car hire option on the international markets. The launch of the brand coincided with a global consensus about the contribution of transportation on the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and its impact on climate change.

The Carbon Neutral Donation is a project that allows our customers to completely offset their CO2 footprint when renting from Green Motion in the UK. During the booking process, you will be asked whether or not you would like to make a Carbon Neutral Donation of £1.25. All donations collected go towards the Florestal Santa Maria Project (FSM-REDD) in the Amazon Basin, Brasil.

The project area is part of the Amazon, the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. The Amazon is known for its amazing biodiversity; containing 10% of all species. The rainforest is home to some endangered species that rely on it for their survival.

The FSM-REDD Project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by stopping deforestation. The project assures the continuation of ongoing activities for forest protection plus the following actions:

Qualification of the local community to engage in the activities related to forest stewardship; Long-term protection of the project area and opposition to invasion by land grabbers; Improvement in local security through project monitoring and sharing of documentation; Organisation of forest fire brigades;

Creation of incentives to recover degraded areas surrounding the property;

Conduction of a feasibility study to set up a small plant for processing non-wood products Organising a technical forestry school in the municipality of Colniza.

In addition to regular monitoring by satellite images of the project area, there is a team stationed within the property, which conducts on-site surveillance of deforestation within and on the borders of the project area, to ensure the maintenance and preservation of the forest.

For more information on the project, please click here.