Do hire cars come with sat nav?

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Do hire cars come with sat nav?

A sat nav system (sometimes referred to as a GPS) can make travelling in a new city or country a lot easier. When hiring cars, some companies don’t make it clear whether you will receive a sat nav as part of the package, if it is built-in as is common in many modern vehicles, or if you will need to pay for it separately.

Green Motion car hire with sat nav

At Green Motion our aim is always to make car hire as affordable and straightforward as possible. This is why although our vehicles don’t come with sat nav included, you can hire one for a small daily fee. We’ve added this option under the ‘optional extras’ section of our checkout process, so that you can see what it will cost you before you arrive to collect your vehicle. Alternatively, you can give the branch a call or speak to our friendly employees upon arrival to find out what sat nav options are available.

Can I use my own sat nav?

If you have your own sat nav device or smartphone with built-in map capability you can certainly use it in your hire car. However, it’s important to remember the UK laws around using either a sat nav or phone in the car. A full list can be found here but in summary it is illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while driving, even if you are in a traffic queue or stopped at a traffic light. A dashboard holder or mat is advisable if you are choosing to use your own sat nav system.

Why hire a sat nav?

If you prefer using a sat nav to a mobile phone (or of course a paper map!) then hiring might be a preferable option. Sat navs can often be pricey and if you are concerned about flying or travelling in general with them, then hiring can give you peace of mind. They can also take up valuable space in your luggage, especially as a dashboard holder and charging cable will be essential. Having a sat nav on board also gives you a way to navigate should your phone battery or data run out mid journey, which can be especially important if you are travelling in a country or area you are unfamiliar with and have concerns about data charges.

If you’re looking to hire a car with a sat nav for your next trip, use our simple form to find your most convenient Green Motion branch and don’t forget to include your sat nav in the checkout process.

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