Do I need a DVLA code to hire a car in the UK?

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Do I need a DVLA code to hire a car in the UK?

If you are a UK driver then the company you hire a car from will want to check your driving licence before allowing you to hire a car. This is standard practice across the industry enables that enables car hire companies to check for issues like driving bans, penalty points and what kind of vehicles people can drive. You will be asked to give a DVLA code to allow your driving licence to be checked quickly and easily, helping you get on the road sooner.

What is a DVLA driving licence check code?

The DVLA recently got rid of the paper counterpart of the driving licence and has switched over to a digital system instead. Since this switch in 2015, the DVLA has offered a digital code for all drivers with a licence registered in England, Wales or Scotland.

What is it used for?

The code gives access to information about your driving record and includes details like:

●When your licence expires

●How many penalty points you have

●Which vehicles you're licenced to drive

These details allow car hire companies to check that they are hiring out vehicles safely and appropriately. If you are aware of factors like penalty points on your driving record, you should check the terms and conditions of hire from your chosen rental company to ensure that you can still rent a vehicle with them.

Car hire companies are not the only ones who may request a DVLA licence check code. Some employers, especially those who require an employee to drive as part of their role, may also require the code before hiring someone.

How do I get a DVLA check code?

You can get a code by visiting the DVLA’s website and following their directions. You will need your:

  • Driving licence number
  • National Insurance number
  • Postcode (the one which is registered to your driving licence)
  • How long does it take to get?

    Filling in the details on the DVLA website should only take a couple of minutes in order to receive an instant code.

    It’s important to do this before picking up your hire car as it can take a lot longer to carry out the process in the branch. Also some companies may charge a fee for sourcing the code for you or even refuse to hire to you.

    How long does the DVLA licence check code last?

    The code expires after 21 days and can only be used once. You can however request multiple codes at one time if needed.

    DVLA code requirements for Green Motion car and van hire

    In keeping with the industry standard, a DVLA code is required for Green Motion hires by all UK licence holders (holders on non-UK licences are not required to provide a DVLA code.) If you have any questions about the code or about hiring a vehicle for your next trip, get in touch with your nearest Green Motion branch or use our search form to find your next hire car or van.

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