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Introducing Green Motion's Revolutionary New Contactless Car Rental Service


Green Motion’s Straight to Car rental service, Drive & Go allows customers to bypass the pain points of traditional car rental and enjoy the full rental experience without any unnecessary human interaction - contactless car rental. After downloading the Green Motion app, customers can place a booking and go through the one time verification process, and use their phone as a key to gain access to their rental vehicles. On arrival at the destination, the app advises the customer of the location of the vehicle. Once they arrive at the vehicle, they are able to simply open the vehicle with one press of the app. Following a vehicle inspection (self-check), the customer can then disarm the immobiliser and simply 'drive and go'. The procedure is repeated when returning the vehicle where the customer is requested to do a self check-in process, following which they can close the reservation and lock the car.

  • One time registration and verification
  • Skip the queue
  • Phone as key
  • Inspect and go

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Getting started

Getting started

Download Green Motion's fully integrated App through the links below:

App Store Google Play


Registration / Verification

Once you have downloaded the app, please head to the “My Bookings” section where you will be able to undertake the one time registration and verification process. The system will automatically validate your documentation and entitlement to drive, and as such, you will never have to queue at the rental counter again. Please make sure that you have either your passport or country ID card to hand, along with your driving license to ensure that you can complete the registration and validation process with these. Please note that you will need a valid credit card in your name to complete the registration.


Booking your rental car

Once you have completed the one time validation and verification process, you will be able to place a booking at any one of our locations that support the Drive & Go contactless rental service.


Collecting your vehicle

On the day of collection, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, the app will issue you with your digital key which will allow you to open your vehicle. Go to “My Bookings” section, find your booking and click “Start Collection”. You will find the details of the vehicle you have been allocated and where the vehicle is located. On arrival at your vehicle, utilise the digital key to gain access and we would ask you to check and confirm the odometer (mileage / kilometres) and fuel levels. For your peace of mind, the app will also request you to undertake an inspection of the vehicle where it will show you the current condition. You will be required to verify that you agree to the condition of the car as reported and take photos recording the condition. In the event that you identify any change in the condition, you can simply record this within the app. Once your self inspection has been completed, please digitally sign the rental agreement.


The key to starting your car

Once you have completed the self inspection and signed the rental agreement, the app will automatically enable the ability to switch off the vehicle's immobiliser and allow you to start your vehicle by pressing the start / stop button within the vehicle.* You can then utilise the digital key contained within the app to start, stop, lock and unlock your vehicle throughout the duration of your hire.


Returning your vehicle

On the return of your vehicle, we would ask you to follow the prompts within your app to manage the return. Complete the odometer (mileage / kilometer) and fuel levels and also record any changes to the condition of the vehicle including taking the requested photographs.


Completing your hire

Once you have completed the return inspection, we would ask you to ensure that you have removed all personal belongings from the vehicle and then lock the vehicle utilising the digital key in the app. Once the vehicle is locked, this will automatically end the vehicle hire and you will receive your final rental agreement / invoice, along with the condition report by email.

Green Motion are the first rental company in the world to deliver a truly contactless rental service.

* When the vehicle is operated with a bladed key, please utilise the key contained within the vehicle to start the ignition.

Drive and Go is a registered trademark owned and operated by Green Motion Limited. Straight to Car and contactless car rental are registered marks owned and licensed by MoveMee Limited.