Green Heart Donation

Green Heart Donation

Green Motion was born in 2007 with the clear objective of offering a truly ecological car hire option on the international markets. The launch of the brand coincided with a global consensus about the contribution of transportation on the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and its impact on climate change.

Green Motion base its all-encompassing environmental strategy on reducing, controlling and compensating the CO2 emitted by its fleet, which implies actions taken before the customer choses our services, and long after the return of our vehicles.:

Restore the Balance

The Green Heart Donation is an initiative that allows our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint, by offsetting the emissions produced while driving one of our vehicles. During the booking process, you will be asked whether or not you would like to make a Green Heart Donation of either $1, £1 or €1. All donations are destined “Environmental Services Payment (PSA) Program” through FONAFIFO, a Costa Rican governmental institution.

Plantations of fast growing trees in the Tropics are the most efficient means of CO2 sequestration, since due to the warm, humid climate and abundant rain, the trees on these areas grow year-round. About 95% of all CO2 sequestration takes place on the tropical zones of the planet.

During their growing process, these trees will capture CO2 from the atmosphere and through photosynthesis will produce their food and release Oxygen. This process of CO2 sequestration compensates the negative impact on the environment produced by our customers, by “cleaning” the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, and therefore reducing the effect of climate change.

Green House Effect

The temperature of the Earth results from a balance between energy coming into the Earth from the Sun (solar radiation) and the energy leaving the Earth into outer space.

About half the solar radiation striking the Earth and its atmosphere is absorbed at the surface. The other half is absorbed by the atmosphere or reflected back into space by clouds, small particles in the atmosphere, snow, ice and deserts at the Earth’s surface.

Part of the energy absorbed at the Earth’s surface is radiated back (or re-admitted) to the atmosphere and space in the form of heat (or thermal) energy. The temperature we feel is a measure of this heat energy.

In the atmosphere, not all thermal radiation emitted by the Earth reaches outer space. Part of it is absorbed and reflected back to the Earth’s surface by greenhouse gas (GHG) molecules and clouds (the greenhouse effect) leading to a global average of around 14°C, well above the -19°C which would be felt without the natural greenhouse effect. The concentrations of some GHGs, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), are significantly influenced by humans, others, such as water vapor, are not.

We would like to thank you for choosing to hire your lower CO2 emission car from Green Motion and choosing to make further donation via our Green Heart Program, reducing your impact on our planet even further.