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​How easy is it to book an additional driver for a car hire?

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​How easy is it to book an additional driver for a car hire?

Hiring a car generally makes things easier. What makes things even easier is sharing the driving burden with other members of your party. Whether you have got a long distance to cover, want to share the abilities of a luxury car or simply want to have a backup plan should something happen, adding an additional driver can be a good plan.

When you book a car hire, only the main driver is able to the rental vehicle. If for whatever reason, you’d like for more than one person to be covered, you can do so through Green Motion.

How to book an additional driver?

Adding a second insured driver is simple. Once you have selected the branch you would like to pick your car up from and your desired vehicle, you will be prompted to select any optional extras you need.

These optional extras include baby seats, baby boosters, Sat Navs and additional drivers. Simply add an additional driver to your booking on this page and the cost will be added to the price. Through Green Motion, adding an additional driver to your car hire costs £10 per day. A small fee, considering the convenience and reassurance gained.

If you forget or would like to add an additional driver closer to the time of your car hire, just get in touch with the branch you have booked from and they will be able to help.

What additional drivers need

So, you’ve decided to include an additional driver. So long as they have a valid driver's licence and are present when you pick up the vehicle, it’s plain sailing.

The additional driver must also be the correct age your chosen car hire category. If the additional driver is under 25 years old, for example, the car must be booked for that age category as those under 25 incur a young driver surcharge. Here at Green Motion we charge £38.50 (including vat) per day for drivers aged between 21 and 24.

Low-emission UK car hire

If you are looking to add additional drivers to your car hire, it’s no problem when booking with us. For more information about the range of vehicle available at the Green Motion branch nearest to you or a destination that you’re visiting, browse our online booking platform.

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