Average CO2 emissions drops to lowest ever levels

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Average CO2 emissions drops to lowest ever levels

EV owners will be pleased to hear that CO2 emission levels have reached a record low according to The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

SMMTs New Car CO2 Report 2016 revealed that in 2015 CO2 emissions were 121.4 g/km, 2.6 per cent lower than the levels in 2014 and 26.4 per cent better than the amount released in 2007. In comparison with the European Union’s 2015 average of 130 g/km, the UK is 6.6 per cent below.

The report concludes that new cars are around 20 per cent cleaner than old models. It predicts that the lower average car emission figures will continue to decrease as long as fleet models are replaced and cars renewed.

"Air quality and emissions are issues the motor industry takes very seriously,” says Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive. “Automotive manufacturers are dedicated to producing the cleanest ever vehicles and invest billions developing innovative new technologies to improve our air. We believe this record of progress is one that needs to be told."

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