Benefits of electric car hire

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Benefits of electric car hire

To us, the advantages of choosing an electric car over a petrol-fuelled one are obvious; that’s why we decided to set up the world’s first environmentally friendly vehicle rental company. It’s widely known that electric cars are better for the environment but what does that mean and are there any other benefits to hiring an electric car?

Better for the environment

If you want to decrease your personal impact on the environment, hiring an electric car is a good way to do so. No petrol or diesel is needed to run a fully electric vehicle, which means there are no emissions associated with global warming.

Transport accounts for around a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions so it’s a key contributor to climate change and each person that makes the change to an EV helps the environment.

What’s more, if the electricity you use comes from a renewable source, you reduce the greenhouse gas emissions even more. As more renewable sources provide the UK’s energy supply, the more environmentally friendly electric cars become. 

Cheaper to run

The average motorist will spend over £1,000 per year on petrol but by using an electric car, even for a short-term car hire, savings can be made. Though electricity isn’t free, running costs for an electric vehicle are as little as 2p per mile compared to 12p per mile for a typical petrol or diesel car.

Not only are they cheaper to run, with fewer parts, they need relatively little servicing. EVs just need their brakes, tyres and suspension maintaining and that’s about it.

Less noise

Because they use an electric motor, electric cars almost entirely eliminate engine noise. Electric cars emit a noise that is much quieter and doesn’t spread far. Electric motors are capable of providing a smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances.

Something different

If you’re tired of driving the typical petrol-fuelled hire cars, electric vehicles can be a nice change and give you the opportunity to try something new. The thought of driving an electric car intrigues many drivers but the commitment to buying one can sometimes be too much. By hiring an electric vehicle, you get a feel for how they run and gives you a taste of what to expect before committing to a switch.

Electric car hire UK

If you are looking to hire an electric or hybrid car on your next trip, get in touch with us today. Green Motion car rental takes its environmental policy seriously, championing best practices and attitudes to ensure that our impact on the environment is kept to a minimum.

For more information about the range of vehicle available at the Green Motion branch nearest to you or a destination that you’re visiting, browse our online booking platform.

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