Breakthrough discovery could speed up EV charging times

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Breakthrough discovery could speed up EV charging times

A new breakthrough could enable electric cars to be fully recharged in the same amount of time it takes for petrol and diesel motorists to fill their cars.

Research by the University of Surrey and Augmented Optics Ltd, in collaboration with the University of Bristol, has resulted in the development of new polymers. These new polymers could be used for high energy density supercapacitors that would drastically reduce charging times for electric vehicles as well as other electrical products such as laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

The potential battery power in this new technology is between 1,000-10,000 times more powerful than the existing batteries. While traditional batteries store energy in a chemical reaction, supercapacitors do so on the surface of a material, supporting faster charges and longer life cycles.

Whilst pioneering, the science behind the idea still needs to be transferred into a real product. But Jim Heathcote, CEO of Augment Optics claims that this could be faster than thought: “We're not talking about something which will take five, 10, 15, 20 years to realise a device. We're talking about potentially getting into prototyped devices within a matter of months."

What it would mean

A breakthrough like this would reinforce the growing likelihood of EV vehicles outnumbering petrol vehicles in the coming years. Fast charging times would convert many persons that are yet to be convinced and would add another benefit to using an electric vehicle.

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