Car manufacturer sets electric car target for 2017

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Car manufacturer sets electric car target for 2017

2016 has been another year of growth for the electric car industry. Advancements in technology have improved designs and there has been large investment from the government to improve EV drivers’ experience, such as creating more charging points.

It has been a successful year too in terms of sales; around 500,000 EVs are now on the roads in Europe with 2017 expected to be the highest year yet in terms of uptake.

BMW’s ambition

Despite the growing success, there is still much work to be done as electric vehicles still make up only a small percentage of total new car sales. Car manufacturers seem to be rising to the challenge and BMW specifically have set themselves an ambitious target for the New Year.

The car manufacturing giants have announced that in 2017 they are looking to sell 100,000 EVs. In the past three years combined, BMW have sold 100,000 and they claim that demand will enable them to reach this amount in one year.

Although there is a rising demand for EVs, meeting 100,000 sales next year is a tall order by anyone’s standards. However, BMW has remained quiet in regards to talking about future electric products, meanwhile Mercedes and Volkswagen have both been vocal about plans to unveil a slew of electric vehicles by the end of the decade. So who knows what they have up their sleeves?

Rent an electric vehicle

BMW now has seven models that either run solely on electric power or are plug-in hybrids. Perhaps their most popular is the i3 which we’re proud to have in our fleet of cars. We also have the i3 Range Extender.

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