Common electric car concerns explained

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Common electric car concerns explained

Electric vehicle take-up has certainly increased over the past few years. The growth, while expected, has been extremely positive.

By the end of 2018, close to 60,000 plug-in cars were registered over the course of the year - a new record. Despite the new high, the number still accounts for only 2.7% of the total new car market in the UK.

So, why is it that the majority are turning their backs on electric vehicles? We take a look at some common customer concerns about using an electric car and give knowledgeable insight into each.

'Electric cars have a really small range'

‘Range anxiety’ is a very real fear for drivers and it’s one that often creeps into conversation about electric vehicles. In truth, range varies significantly, from around 100 miles for a standard electric car to 300 miles for an upmarket Tesla.

Most of us drive far shorter distances than we imagine (around 15 miles) so you could do this numerous times before you even need to think about a recharge.

New models from Audi, Volkswagen and Tesla all showcase that range is only improving as technologies improve, too. All these new models are expected to have a range of at least 200 miles.

'They take forever to charge!'

The time it takes to fully charge the electric vehicle depends on the type of car, size of battery and type of charge point. At present, this can range from as little as half an hour or over 10 hours for a full charge.

There are three main types of EV charging: rapid, fast, and slow. As technology is improving, more and more rapid charge points are sprouting up across the country. Rapid chargers (43- 120kW) are the fastest way to charge, and a 50kW rapid charger can provide over 100 miles of range in around 30 minutes.

Of course, home charging generally takes longer than public charge points. But these are typically used overnight for a full charge in the morning – just like your smartphone!

'There aren’t any charge points near me'

Not only is the speed in which they charge improving, but the amount of charge points is also skyrocketing thanks to increases in the budgets for local authorities.

There are now over 8,000 public charge point locations and the number of connectors within these locations has surpassed 22,000!

Zap-Map is a great tool for finding the nearest rapid charge point to you. Trust us, you’ll be surprised just how many there are in your area or along your usual daily routes.

'They don’t have a big impact on improving the environment'

Transport is one of the most polluting sectors in the UK, therefore travelling responsibly is a big way in which you yourself can make a worthwhile difference. Whilst it’s hard to argue that electric vehicles are completely zero-emission, it is generally accepted that electric cars produce half the greenhouse gases of a petrol/diesel powered vehicles over the course of their lifetime.

Read more about how much impact electric cars have on reducing CO2 emissions here.

At Green Motion we offset all of our carbon, too. So by using a Green Motion branch when you need to hire a vehicle (whether it’s electric, hybrid or petrol) we offset the emissions (LINK) making your car hire completely carbon free!

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