EV range set to increase

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EV range set to increase

Although it has vastly improved and most new electric cars have a range of over 100 miles, the range can be one of the few reasons why drivers decide against using EVs.

Technology is constantly evolving and there has always been confidence that the range that EVs are capable of will continue to grow. Engineers have this month announced the development of a concept that could increase the range of electric vehicles to around 600 miles.

Behind the battery

Electric cars don't have a single battery, they have hundreds of individual battery cells that are packed in, wired together and surrounded by housing. The wiring, cables and other elements combine to take up 50 per cent of the space of a whole battery pack. These packs are connected to car systems and sensors.

The way these battery packs are designed has been redeveloped by a team of engineers.

Engineers from Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems have created a new battery concept that minimises the amount of space needed for housing and wiring. In doing so, it means that more space is available for batteries.

Under the brand name EMBATT, the new systems stack battery cells above one another as opposed to being side-by-side in small sections. "With our new packaging concept, we hope to increase the range of electric cars in the medium term up to 1000 kilometres," said Mareike Wolter, Project Manager at Fraunhofer IKTS.

To be able to stack the batteries, EMBATT had to create a new electrode. The electrode created is a metallic tape coated on both sides with ceramic storage material. One side is the battery’s anode and the other is the cathode.

What happens now?

The project has so far been restricted to the laboratory, but research and initial tests show promising signs. The designers are planning on scaling up the technology for testing in vehicles by 2020. Exciting news!

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