​Gatwick becomes first carbon neutral airport in London

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​Gatwick becomes first carbon neutral airport in London

Gatwick Airport has been recognised as a carbon neutral airport following efforts to use 100 per cent renewable energy and offset ground fuel emissions.

All ground operation emissions including fuels, electricity and business travel, were assessed by ACI Europe and Gatwick Airport completed Airport Carbon Accreditation at Level 3+ in 2016. For the previous three years, the airport had achieved Level 3.

The announcement makes Gatwick the first carbon neutral airport in London and the second busiest carbon neutral airport in Europe.

The airport also announced their progress on targets it set themselves for the ten years from 2010 to 2020. It is the airport's aim to cut its carbon footprint in half by 2020. In 2016, Gatwick had a 5 per cent reduction in carbon emissions from fuel and energy, a 2.6 per cent decrease in annual energy consumption per passenger, and zero untreated operational and commercial waste to landfill.

Energy efficiency and being eco-friendly is at the core of Green Motion's service so having an airport in which we operate show the same consideration and positive efforts to us is complimentary.

Electric car rental at Gatwick Airport

For travellers to and from Gatwick airport, their environmentally friendly choice doesn’t have to stop there. In addition to low emission cars and vans, Green Motion offer a range of electric and hybrid vehicles from a fleet of over 4500 vehicles in the UK.

Our Gatwick Airport branch is located a short distance from the airport itself. The car and van rental service is found in Gatwick Business Park, Horley, a short shuttle bus ride or walk away. The free Green Motion Shuttle can be taken from bus stop 9 from the South Terminal or bus stop 8 from the North Terminal.

Speak to the Gatwick Airport branch today on 01293 855100 for more details or use our online booking system to fire a car or van for your trip.

Green Motion, too, is now carbon neutral. More information about our carbon neutral project can be found here . 

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