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Getting your new year’s resolution off to the best start

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Getting your new year’s resolution off to the best start

It’s that time of year when we all make some resolutions for the year ahead, aiming to rectify some of our bad habits.

Some of us will want to cut out the unhealthy food, some will want to learn a new skill and some will want to start making changes that help the environment. This could be anything from using less plastic to lowering your personal carbon footprint.

In fact, a study by Go Ultra Low has found that almost a fifth of Brits want to make the switch to an electric car in 2019 as part of eco-friendly new year’s resolutions!

If you are one of those who want to make the switch to an electric vehicle or simply want to minimise the amount of carbon emissions you use on travel, Green Motion can help.

How Green Motion can help your environmental new year’s resolution

The next time you have a long journey across the country or a long breakaway with the family, consider using an electric, hybrid or low-emission vehicle.

With pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, you are able to reduce your emissions to zero as well as saving money on the running costs!

By investing in the latest green vehicle technology, we have been able to reduce average CO2 emissions across our fleet of 14,500 vehicles to 99g/km. We’re here to help you reduce your environmental impact and the global CO2 emissions associated with road travel.

With our Drive Green loyalty programme, things get easier the more you use us, too! After 20 rentals, you get up to 20% off future car hires and get a discount on your birthday!

Carbon Neutral

If you are willing to go the extra mile with your new year’s resolution, after returning your hire car to us, you can completely offset your CO2 footprint from your car usage. For just £1.25, you can make a donation to our Green Heart scheme.

We started the carbon neutral programme in 2017 and so far have raised tens of thousands of pounds for projects that are helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil – helping to protect animals that rely on the rainforest for their survival.

Hire an electric car

Our online booking platform is perfect for finding out what low-emission vehicles are available at the Green Motion branch near you. With 20 locations around the UK, you’re never too far from a Green Motion branch and we have car hire available in many of the most popular tourist destinations. 

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