Government to control charging costs in 2017

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Government to control charging costs in 2017

The cost of charging an electric vehicle varies wherever it is that the charging takes place. In the upcoming Modern Transport Bill, expected in early 2017, the government is preparing to propose that the cost of charging at road side station networks is lowered.

At home the cost of a full charge is around £3 and public stations such as car parks are often free to use. But it is at certain road side stations, especially on the motorways, where the cost can increase up to £7.50 for a half hour charge. Some providers also have a monthly subscriber fee in place which gives users free access to certain charging points.

According to The Times, new rules in 2017 will set common standards for pricing between suppliers. The change could include creating a cap on the maximum charge and removing membership schemes needed to use charging points across different station providers.

The government fears that high charging prices are deterring the public from switching to electric vehicles. Such a deterrence is believed to be playing a role in the government failing to meet its target of nine per cent of new cars and vans in Britain to be classed as ultra-low emission by 2020. The Environmental Audit Committee has predicted that the current rate is on track to reach seven per cent – improvements are therefore being made to increase uptake in time.

Keeping costs down and making charging easier is at the forefront of the government’s plan to make electric motoring more appealing to a wider audience.

A Department for Transport spokesperson commented: “We are looking at ways to make public charge points more convenient for motorists, such as simplifying memberships, making pricing more consistent and transparent and making charge points easier to operate.”

Simplifying the charging network and improving charging times is likely to have a significant impact on the uptake of electric cars in the UK.

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