Green Motion sponsor eco-friendly racing car project

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Green Motion sponsor eco-friendly racing car project

Energy efficiency and being eco-friendly is at the core of Green Motion’s service offering. Because of this, we want to be involved in the development of new low emission vehicle technologies; whether it be by increasing vehicle range or lowering emissions.

Our latest venture in support of green vehicle evolution is an eco-friendly car project developed by one of Britain’s leading universities. We’re pleased to announce a three-year sponsorship of one of the project’s teams at University College London.

The project team, known as Team Hydrone, is made up of a group of UCL mechanical engineering students. We agreed the sponsorship with the team after learning about their impressive achievements and commitment to producing racing vehicles with low emissions and low energy use.

Just to put into perspective how promising these young engineers are, in a test run, their vehicle was achieving 7,000 miles per gallon!

Now, that range isn’t currently possible in roadworthy electric vehicles, but these students may well be the engineers who develop fuel efficient commercial vehicles in the future so it’s important to support their development.

Dr Tim Baker, project leader of the programme at UCL comments: “We are delighted to have Green Motion on board as a sponsor. Our focus is on pushing fuel efficiency as far as it will go under extreme conditions. What starts out today as an experiment on the race track will one day be an innovation on our high streets.”

Drivers’ World Championship

Our sponsorship includes technical and industry support as well as financial backing. The first event where we will be able to see the impact of our sponsorship will be the Drivers’ World Championship in London on May 28th.

The annual event attracts more than 200 student squads from around the world to London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It’s here that the groups will navigate a 2.2-km track to crown the world’s fastest energy-efficient driver.

Around 30,000 spectators are expected at the event, including the Green Motion team who will be showing their support for Team Hydrone.

Follow Green Motion on Twitter for updates of how the team got on at the event.

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