Green Motion UK Ditches Desks For Dirt!

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Green Motion UK Ditches Desks For Dirt!

Green Motion is a company built on innovation. The ingenious green ethos has not only opened the door to low emission car hire to the public globally, but have now advanced as the only Carbon Neutral care rental company in the UK! This means that customers can now completely offset their journeys made with Green Motion in the UK via donations to global conservation projects, made by the UK head office.

Whilst it is understood that Green Motion’s Carbon Neutral status is completely unique and of great benefit to the community, the UK team wanted to ensure that they were focussing their efforts not only to those who use their car hire services but also those living in areas surrounding their rental stations. With this in mind and after a long day in the office, five members of our UK head office took to the walkways of Wendover woods to clear up this very busy local green land and tourist hotspot.

The team received thanks from the parks ‘Recreation Ranger’ who had this to say about their hard work –

‘’I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the team for litter picking at Wendover Woods. Our team often only gets the chance to litter pick the trails and your volunteers were willing to go further afield and we are very grateful for that!

The trails looked lovely and we hope your team enjoyed the day too.

Many thanks once again, Esther’’

The entirety of the Green Motion UK network, including the HQ and rental stations, have committed themselves to achieving a greener future by volunteering with local charities, schools and councils. You can see some of the other causes Green Motion UK have committed to below;

Green Motion Manchester - Litter Picking

Green Motion Keflavik, Iceland - Offsetting Carbon Footprint

Green Motion UK - Give Back

Green Motion International - Care for the Koalas

Green Motion International - The Winter Night Shelter

If you’re based in the UK and have a 'green' project you’d like Green Motion to help with, contact us by emailing the details to Or, tag us in your posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

  • Green Motion UK Ditches Desks For Dirt!
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