How much does it cost to hire an electric car?

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How much does it cost to hire an electric car?

It’ll come as no surprise to you that the amount a car hire will cost varies depending on the length of your hire, the type of car and the age of the driver.

There are so many combinations that it will be hard for us to tell you the price of every single type of car hire, but as a guide, we’ve drawn up an example of some of the prices from a range of our branches in the UK.

Note that these prices fluctuate depending on the date of booking and demand. Therefore the prices mentioned below may no longer be available.

Week hire in London (25-29 year old)

If you fancy spending some time in London or have work affairs in the capital, it can be helpful to arrange a car hire. For a week’s car hire in London, you have as many options for choice of car as do for things to do. There’s something for every budget.

Green Motion has many branches in London and you might find it more convenient to collect your car from an airport or a more central location. For a week’s car hire from our Central London Edgware Road branch, you could have a Fiat 500, Kia Picanto or Peugeot 108 for less than £100 or, if you want to travel in style, a Volvo XC90, BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE for just over £500.

We think a great middle of the road option is the Mercedes A Class Sport for less than £300.

Long weekend break in Liverpool (30-75 year old)

For a long weekend in Liverpool (three days), you can hire an electric car from our Liverpool Downtown branch. A three day hire from Friday to Monday gives you plenty of options. At the cheaper end of the scale, you can hire a Toyota IQ for less than £50 or if you’d like to get around in luxury there is the BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A Class or Audi A3 for under £500.

One day car hire in Birmingham (22-24 year old)

For drivers under 25 years of age, insurance requirements mean that there is a surcharge added to the price and there are some restrictions on the cars that can be hired. More information about car hire for under 25s can be found here.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of options for drivers under 25 at all of our branches.

Whether you need a hire car for a university outing or a road trip with friends, of the available cars, the prices don’t vary too much for a day hire. Expect to pay anywhere between £50 and £80 and for this price you can get cars such as a VW Golf, Ford Focus or Kia Rio.

Month car hire in Manchester (30-75 year old)

Sometimes, you need a car hire for a longer period of time. Green Motion is able to cater for these bookings too and here is an example of price for a month’s car hire in Manchester.

For a fully electric car options, you could hire a Kia Soul EV or Nissan Leaf for less than £400. Otherwise, there is the Toyota Prius, BMW 1 Series Sport and Volvo V40 all for under £700.

Low emission car hire in the UK

Green Motion has car hire branches across the UK. To find out prices for a branch near you, browse on our online booking system. To get even better savings on our rentals, join our loyalty programme.

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