How to hire a car to drive one way to the airport

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How to hire a car to drive one way to the airport

Car hire is all about getting out on in the open and having the freedom of the road at your beckoning. Nobody wants to have restrictions that tie them to being somewhere the

Not every car trip begins and finishes at the same place. Can you imagine completing Route 66 only to have to turn around and do it all again to return your hire car? An extreme example we know but the same applies to smaller journeys such as a trip to the airport.

You don’t want to have to pay for the price of car hire for your length of your holiday on top of airport parking, so a one-way car hire to the airport makes things cheaper and means that you can hire a large vehicle to get all of your luggage in.

Whatever your reason, it is possible to hire from one location and return it to another.

What is one-way car hire?

One way car hire is when you pick up the car from one of our branches and drop it off at a convenient location when you’re done. It saves you time and effort and is ideal when your end location is different to that of where your journey begins.

When is a one-way car hire used?

  • Moving home
  • Getting to and from an airport
  • A trip to somewhere you’ll be staying for a long period of time
  • Going somewhere that you won’t need a vehicle
  • If you want to be flexible with the return date of the vehicle

How to book one-way car rental

We do not offer one-way car rental as standard but they can be negotiated and priced directly with the branch that you would like to hire from. Where offered, an additional fee for one-way rentals is chargeable and must be confirmed in writing by the branch prior to collection

We’ll have to pick the vehicle up and have it delivered back to the original location so this is what the additional fee will cover.

One way electric car rental UK

If you’re yet to drive an electric vehicle, hiring one for the length of your trip is the ideal opportunity. By doing so you can find out just how easy it is to make the switch and learn about the benefits of doing so.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option to take you on your bank holiday road trip, Green Motion can help. Our low-emission car and van fleet are available from 17 branches across the UK.

Speak to the branch that you will be hiring from to talk about the possibilities for a one-way hire and if an agreement can be made. Find the contact details for all of our UK branches here

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