​Is wireless EV charging soon to be with us?

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​Is wireless EV charging soon to be with us?

Plenty has developed in the electric vehicle charging market over the past few years: charging times have dropped, the number of charging points have increased and plug-in points will soon be found at some petrol stations in the UK.

The development in wireless charging for EVs have long been apparent too. A new, and almost fictional-like, development by a start-up called HEVO (Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Optimization) shows just how far the technology can go.

The company has been working on the ground-breaking wireless car charging for two years and are set to release the product to the market this year.

How does it work?

Each car, no matter the model, can attach a HEVO receiver to its underside. The vehicle can then be driven up to HEVO power stations, which are on the ground and connected to the electrical grid. When the EV is on top of the power station, the receiver will communicate with the power station to send electricity through the air using radio waves to a vehicle.

The company has started its ventures in Red Hook, a neighbourhood in New York and they are in talks with developers in the area regarding implementing wireless charging stations.

The future

Developments such as this help to grow the market as a whole. One of the major deterrents of switching to EV driving was the charging but much has been done to improve this. Various reports have stated that the wireless charging market is expected to grow rapidly from now until 2021. Millions of cars are expected to be using the technology by 2026.

We can’t wait to see this kind of technology over here in the UK!

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