Leading the way for the car rental industry

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Leading the way for the car rental industry

For years Green Motion has been leading the way in the use of greener rental vehicles. With a policy of only using the greenest vehicles in the fleet of popular car manufacturers, we feel that Green Motion has been an example of how a company can spread a worthwhile green message – whilst expanding dramatically across the world from a UK base.

So were delighted to learn that our trade body - The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is about to begin meetings with the Government to discuss what the industry can do to make itself greener.

This follows a number of papers published by the industry which looked at issues including air quality.

What the talks will achieve is currently uncertain. One area will be to look at the effect on vehicle sales once drivers have experienced of themselves the advantage of driving greener cars.

Another area that Green Motion would like to see discussed is car sharing. It is hoped that through changes in Government policy, car sharing / car-pooling can be encouraged within companies and by commuters. These car clubs are growing in popularity already, but recent technologies including social media and the rise of the ‘sharing economy’ (which sites such as Airbnb have made a success within other areas) make it easier to connect people safely.

The recent budget recognised the growth of the sharing economy and it seems that because items such as cars are regularly used for only a tiny proportion of the day, sharing out the resource may become a viable option for many companies, commuters and families.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association are right to want to share their experience and expertise within this area and ensure that Government can work around policies that encourage this positive behaviour within businesses.

More details about the proposals are here.

If you would like to discuss how Green Motion can help you to have a greener fleet for your company, university or local authority do get in touch. Green Motion is happy to explain the work that we do to keep vehicles on the road greener and safer.

With the newest and greenest fleet of cars within the car industry, you can be confident that your emissions, insurance and carbon footprint can all be reduced. 

To find out more about the range of vehicles we have on offer for hire, call 0333 888 4000 today. 

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