Lower maintenance cost for electric vehicles

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Lower maintenance cost for electric vehicles

Here at Green Motion we’re well aware of the benefits that EVs can bring. A new study by the government and industry- backed Go Ultra Low campaign has recently found that electric motorists save over £300 per year in maintenance bills.

The findings showed that the average motorist spends around £400 per year servicing their petrol or diesel car- compared to the £96 annual cost for EV owners. This as a sum for the country’s spend is around £13 billion - showcasing a potential national saving of £10 billion if every motorist switched.

“Pure electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than cars with an internal combustion engine,” explained Poppy Welch of Go Ultra Low “this means that there are fewer things which require maintenance, and servicing is simpler and cheaper to complete with fewer consumables.”

“Drivers dread unexpected large repair bills, but as more motorists switch to electric vehicles, these killer bills are becoming a thing of the past.”

The savings from using an electric vehicle are not only from the running costs, but the lower fuel costs and lower rates of tax add further savings and appeal. If you are planning on renting an electric vehicle for a longer period of time, EVs lower maintenance costs will be seen clearer.

With more and more reasons to use an electric vehicle, you can test and hire an electric vehicle from Green Motion, the world leaders in the provision of low C02, hybrid and plug-in vehicles for both business and leisure clients. To find out more about the range of vehicles we have on offer for hire, call 0333 888 4000 today. 

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