Millennials to drive eco-friendly car demand

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Millennials to drive eco-friendly car demand

Millennials consider eco-friendly cars to be the best choice for making their lives more environmentally friendly, according to a study by car-maker Nissan.

The survey, commissioned by Nissan Europe, looked into 2,500 Millennials’ (18-34) attitudes to the future of electric vehicles in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy – 500 respondents taken from each market.

It was found that Millennials are concerned about worldwide issues including climate change (53 per cent) and air pollution (42 per cent), and over half would make changes to their lives in an effort to tackle the issues. Three-quarters consider the key action for this is buying an eco-friendly car (76 per cent).

Of those surveyed with their own car, over 50 per cent would switch to a hybrid vehicle within the next 10 years.

“The Millennial demographic has the potential to be hugely influential in determining the future of transport and sustainability,” explains Sarwant Singh, member of Nissan’s intelligent motoring advisory board. “We have consistently found in our own research that they are early adopters of new technology, much more environmentally friendly than previous generations and generally willing to make sacrifices and lifestyle changes in line with their personal values and beliefs.”

Overall, the findings clearly show that the young demographic are keen and willing to protect the environment. And are prepared to make drastic lifestyle changes to make a meaningful difference to the world.

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