Most Instagrammable locations in Newcastle and the North East

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Most Instagrammable locations in Newcastle and the North East

Thanks to Instagram, novice photographers are now enthusiasts and weekend breaks/holidays are the perfect opportunities to search for photo-worthy locations and relay to your followers what a wonderful place it is that you’re in. This often means planning and searching to find the ideal picturesque spot.

In Newcastle, you’ll have no trouble in transferring the city’s beauty into a snapshot. There are simply so many photo opportunities around Newcastle. In this guide, we’ve included some places slightly outside of the city centre because with your car hire, you’ll easily be able to reach them. And trust us, they’ll be worth the trip.

The Angel of the North

We’re sure you’ve heard of it and if you were travelling into Newcastle from the south, you will have likely driven past it. Just six miles from Newcastle city centre is this unmissable landmark, The Angel of the North.

Don’t just take our word for how impressive it is though, stats show that the sculpture, standing at 20 metres tall and 54 metres wide, is one of the most photographed landmarks in the UK!

Hadrian’s Wall

Another simply stunning piece of history within reach of Newcastle is Hadrian’s Wall. Built by the Romans to keep out Scottish tribes, the wall stretches over 70 miles across the country. We recommend visiting Homesteads Roman Fort for the best photo spot. Here you can get a 360-degree view of the scenery.

Newcastle Quayside

With a series of bridges spanning across the River Tyne, the Newcastle Quayside is a place of spectacular beauty. The most renowned bridge of them all is Tyne Bridge and you can get an eye-catching reflection of the bridge in one of the adjacent bridges. You’ll get perfect lighting here at sunrise and sunset, too.

Grey Street

Buildings of historical importance are music to the ears of photographers. With architecture from the 1830s, Grey Street is found on many lists of the best streets worldwide. Grey Street has even been noted for its beauty by the New York Times. Happy snapping!

Alnwick castle

Harry Potter fan? You might recognise this one then. This is the castle where the Harry Potter films were shot and as result is a popular attraction for fanatics. Even if you haven’t seen the movies, the castle and surrounding gardens are simply stunning. Around 30 miles from Newcastle, this is with easy reach of the city in your car hire and is a perfect option for a day out, too.

Newcastle car hire

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