​New child seat laws and how they will affect you

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​New child seat laws and how they will affect you

If you have little ones to look after, it’s important to keep an eye on the latest laws and regulations to follow. An area that often causes confusion for parents is child seat laws.

Current UK law states that all children must use a child seat in a car until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall, but the type of seat is always a concern for parents.

New rules from 1 March 2017 state that car seat manufacturers will no longer be able to sell backless booster seats for small children. Child seats or ‘high-back boosters’ will be parents or guardians only option if the child is less than 125cm tall or weighing under 22kg.

How do the changes affect me?

The changes only apply to new booster seats, not the ones currently on the market. So, parents who have a backless booster seat can continue to use their existing model after the rule change and will not need to buy a new one.

Backless seats are still certified to be safe and legal. It’s at the parent’s discretion if they wish to upgrade their child’s seat to aid higher protection. Backless booster seats provide limited side-impact protection in a collision, so in favour of added protection, high-back booster seats are advised to be used, but aren’t a necessary upgrade.

Which seat should my child have?

Car seats are typically assigned according to height or weight. Height-based car seats must be rear-facing until the child is over 15 months old.

Weight-based car seats have a range of different types to suit:

  • 0kg to 9kg - A lie-flat baby carrier, a rear-facing baby carrier or a rear-facing baby seat using a harness
  • 0kg to 13kg - A rear-facing baby carrier or rear-facing baby seat using a harness
  • 9kg to 18kg - A rear or forward-facing baby seat using a harness or safety shield
  • 15kg to 36kg - A rear or forward-facing child seat, such as a high-backed booster seat or booster cushion, using a seat belt, harness or safety shield

Bear in mind that while some adjustments have been made to rules, only boys and girls over 12 years old or 135cm tall are allowed to travel with just a seatbelt.

We make things easier for our customers by having a range of baby and high-back booster seats available as an add-on with your booking. For just £13 per seat per day, you can have peace of mind that we’ll have your child’s safety covered. Upon arrival, we’ll ensure a suitable seat is assigned for your child.

To add it to your booking, simply tick the relevant boxes on the optional extras page of your online booking form. For more information, or to add a child seat to one of your bookings, find the contact details for the branch you booked through here.

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