Reasons to hire a car in Reigate

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Reasons to hire a car in Reigate

If you’re flying to London Gatwick airport, you may be looking for a car to hire to continue your journey onwards. Green Motion has two branches near Gatwick Airport: one in Gatwick Business Park and one in Reigate, a town north of the airport.

Although some people fly in, you may already live in the area and want to use a rental car for a long weekend trip. Whatever your reason for wanting to hire a car in Reigate or Gatwick Airport, there are a number of possible trips surrounding the town.

Gatwick is at the epicentre of a range of ventures, all within a reasonable driving time. Here are some of our recommended trips to do in your car hire from Gatwick.

Reigate to Brighton

Brighton is one of UK’s most loved cities and a popular destination for a long weekend break. From Reigate and Gatwick, it is less than an hour’s drive to beautiful Brighton.

The city is found in between the calmness of the countryside and the lively coastal area and it’s fair to say that Brighton very much has something for everyone. Aside from the beautiful beach, pier, amusements and ocean stunning views there plenty of other activities to keep you and your party entertained.

The city is bursting with attractions such as a Royal Palace, interesting museums, extensive shopping option and late-night pubs and clubs.

Although there is plenty to do year-round, we recommend going during the summer months in particular. Events to tie in your trip with include: The Great Escape, Brighton & Hove Food and Drink Festival and Brighton Pride.

Reigate to London

Is there any more that needs to be said about London? It is simply one of the biggest and enjoyable places on the planet. The history, culture, sights and people all make London the wonderful place that it is. If you’re undecided, a trip to the capital is always a safe bet because there is simply so much to do.

Even if you have been to the city plenty of times and seen all of the tourist attractions there is so much to experience off the beaten track. There’s something new to see every time you visit and this changes with the time of year you visit, too.

Reigate to Kent

Kent is nicknamed the Garden of England for good reason. It is simply one of the most stunning areas to get your walking boots on and get exploring. An evergreen landscape with a possible ocean backdrop makes the county hard to resist for avid walkers and lovers of the great outdoors.

Reigate is around 50 miles from Kent, meaning that it’s not far to drive before you’ll find yourself in the heart of the vast landscapes. With so many beautiful walking routes, destinations and attraction to see in the county, a car to get you from place to place is necessary, especially in the rural areas.

Some of the towns to check out on your trip are Dover, Margate, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells.

These are just a few of the places to explore when hiring a car from Gatwick. Be sure to let us know what you got up to on your trip.

Where to hire a car in Reigate

Green Motion’s Reigate branch is located in the village of Sidlow. Alternatively, you can use our London Gatwick Airport depot which is ten minutes south of the Reigate offices on the A217. 

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