​Reimagining how potholes are fixed

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​Reimagining how potholes are fixed

There are many things that divide drivers of different fuel-types, but one thing that unites them all is a combined hatred of potholes. Not only are the holes unsightly, they can be a costly problem for unlucky drivers.

At higher speeds, hitting a large pothole can cause the driver to lose control and potentially crash. Even driving at a slow speed, if the pothole is deep enough, can damage the car’s tyres and steering alignment.

A new, almost other-worldly technology has been announced this week that will bring a sigh of relief to drivers across the country.

Self-repairing roads

Can you imagine a road surface that repairs itself? Like we said, other-worldly. Well, Dutch researchers are planning to test a self-repairing asphalt that could be used on roads.

Researchers at the University of Delft have taken it upon themselves to solve the problem that results when asphalt is exposed to bad weather conditions such as heavy rain and snowfall. The asphalt proposed has conductive steel fibres and bacteria which could fix small cracks in the road.

Did we mention that the material also charges EVs too? The second advantage of the material is that it can send electricity to EVs above.

What now?

Several challenges will need to be addressed in the tests, including how to generate the heat to trigger the repair process. It will be a process that will involve many, many practice runs.

There is also the issue that vehicles will need to be fitted with proper wireless charging systems, which aren’t widely in place currently.

It is not clear what fuel type will rule the market when the technology is completed. Despite this, it is positive to see that electric charging is part of most new technologies coming to market and in trial.

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