The Queen shows support for electric vehicles

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The Queen shows support for electric vehicles

In the Queen’s 2017 speech, she announced the introduction of an automated and electric vehicles bill to encourage the use of electric and self-driving cars.

The Queen’s speech sets out the priorities for the government over the course of the next Parliament. Much of the speech related to Brexit but part was focused on the electric vehicle market and she introduced a new bill that will ensure the UK “remains a world leader in new industries”.

Automated and electric vehicle bill

The new bill has been designed to “allow innovation to flourish and ensure the next wave of self-driving technology is invented, designed and operated safely in the UK”. But what’s included in the bill?

The main plans are to support the EV infrastructure and increase consumer uptake of electric and autonomous cars.

The main feature is to increase the number of electric and hydrogen charge points to deal with the rise in low-emission vehicles. More than 13,800 ultra-low emission vehicles were registered in the first quarter of 2017, which is up 17 per cent from the same period in 2016.

It is noted that charging points should be at UK’s motorway service areas and fuel retailers. Private parking companies and major property developers should also consider the installation of charge points, the bill also claims.

For autonomous vehicles, the Queen reinforced plans for the UK to become a world leader in autonomous car technology development. Since her comments in the 2016 speech, the Government has since pledged to invest £200 million to autonomous developments and £600 million to low-emissions vehicles.

The bill aims to ensure that the UK continues to be at the forefront of developing new technology in electric and automated road vehicles. Official research suggests that automated vehicle market in the UK could be worth £28bn by 2035.

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