Thinking of getting your own hybrid?

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Thinking of getting your own hybrid?

Important news has been released for those considering to buy their own low-emission vehicle. It has been announced that from April 2017 new car tax rules will see hybrid car owners charged hundreds of pounds more.

Hybrids and other low-emission cars are currently exempt from paying vehicle excise duty because they produce less than 100g/km of carbon dioxide (CO2). In April next year however buying that same car new will set you back up to £120 in the first year, £680 over five years and £1,285 if you keep the car for a decade.

Under the new rules, cars will be subject to a special first-year rate of car tax and then a second rate after that. Both rates are based on the amount of CO2 the car emits. This excludes electric cars under the value of £40,000 which will remain tax-free and exempt from car tax charges.
If you buy a new low-emission car pre-April 2017 however you won’t pay any tax on it. Meaning that there is still time to save money before these guidelines are enforced.

Before committing to a purchase of a low-emission vehicle it is beneficial to test the car in your day to day life, making sure that you find the perfect one to suit your needs. As experts in hybrid car rental, Green Motion have a fleet of hybrid cars and staff which can help to select the right vehicle for you.

To find out more about the range of vehicles we have on offer for hire, call 0333 888 4000 today. 

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