Top reasons to rent a car for bank holidays

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Top reasons to rent a car for bank holidays

Bank holidays are a chance for families and friends up and down the country to escape for a long weekend away. That extra day can make the world of difference and many use it as a chance to spend a couple of nights in areas around the country.

As there’s an extra day’s rest, groups venture that little bit further than usual and visit coastal lines; generally meaning that there is a little bit more time spent in the car.

Half of the fun of a bank holiday trip with the family is on the car journey. Let’s be honest, there’s no option but to spend time with the family in the refines of the car. From having to endure a five hour car journey with only a Robbie Williams CD or games to pass the time, the car is where many memories are made. 

But what car should you take on the journey? You could take yours or your partners, or you could choose an option that many forget about, renting. Here are some of the advantages of renting a car for bank holiday trips:

Extra room

Is there a large group of you going on the holiday road trip? Instead of taking two cars, you might find it beneficial to take a seven-seater. This way, you save money on petrol, don’t have to pay for two parking spaces on the other side and there’s no chance of your fleet getting separated or lost en route.

There might just be four or five of you going but you might want some extra room for luggage and space to spread out on the long journey.

Peace of mind

Do you really want to risk adding wear and tear to your car and having to add mileage to your car’s odometer? Hiring a vehicle gives you peace of mind, especially if you own an older car, that you won’t have any mishaps along the journey. Even if you do breakdown, you will have the added protection of the car rental company.

Looking to upgrade your car

If you’re already thinking of upgrading your current vehicle, a road trip can be the perfect opportunity to try out some of the cars that you’re looking to change to. The chance to experience your desired vehicle for a longer period of time than just a test drive can be hard to resist. By spending more than just ten minutes in the driving seat, you get a true feel for the car and get a greater impression of if the car is the one for you.

A recent survey from Venson Automotive Solutions found that over three-quarters of motorists now consider buying an electric vehicle when looking for a new car. Because switching to a plug-in vehicle is a bigger decision than just swapping to a different model of a same powered engine, using them for more than just the length of a test drive is a must.

By hiring a plug-in vehicle for your bank holiday trip, you will experience the differences between electric and petrol and get a sense of if the switch is right for you and if it suits your driving habits.

Low-emission car rental

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option to take you on your bank holiday road trip, Green Motion can help. Our low-emission car and van fleet is available from 17 branches across the UK.

Use our online booking system to see what vehicles are available at the branch near you. 

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