Visiting Scotland and Rural UK Beauty Spots!

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Visiting Scotland and Rural UK Beauty Spots!

The UK is filled with quaint country villages and vibrant cities. It is heaving with historical sites, museums, galleries, and beaches. There really is something for everyone.

At Green Motion UK, we are committed to making your trip as exciting and stress-free as possible, which is why we're participating in the Drive on the Left campaign! This campaign is all about reminding and sharing useful information about Scottish roads with visitors this Spring and Summer. We strongly support this initiative, as we want to ensure that all our customers remain safe while driving and that they have been provided with the correct information to navigate UK roads, which can often differ from those in other countries.

When the roads are quiet and you're tired, it's easy to switch to autopilot and become confused, which is why it's crucial to remain well-rested and alert. Tired drivers may find themselves entering a roundabout the wrong way, or turning onto the wrong side of the road at a junction.

To help keep our customers safe, we will be distributing Drive on the Left wristbands and stickers to drivers when they collect their rental, along with a Driving in Scotland information leaflet. This leaflet offers practical advice about driving on single-track roads, looking both ways at junctions, speed limits, planning your journey, and taking regular rest stops to avoid fatigue. The wristband is available in eight different languages, so all our customers equally remain safe and enjoy everything the UK has to offer!

If you’re looking for more information on the Drive on the Left campaign, Road Safety Scotland has a clear and easy guideline for you here

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