What type of vehicle are drivers opting for?

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What type of vehicle are drivers opting for?

All current motor vehicle predictions point toward electric and hybrid vehicles being the market leader in years to come. But what are consumers opting for at present? Are there signs of the tide turning? New research by the AA has shown the trends that are shaping the industry.

Ditching diesel

The KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey showed that experts believe that diesel is losing its importance. Figures from the AA-Populus Poll found that last year, 18 per cent of drivers intended to buy a diesel as their next car, compared with 23 per cent in 2014.

With increased popularity in electric and hybrid vehicles, UK drivers are turning away from diesel.

Switching to an electric car

The number of drivers that are undecided on what type of fuel to pick has increased to 19 per cent last year, from 13 per cent in 2014. This shows that ‘switchers’ are obtainable but there are certain barriers that are preventing them.

Typically, the top concerns for switching to an electric car are the price and the availability of charging stations.

Car buyers in London are more likely to think of low emission vehicles when buying a car (19 per cent), with only nine per cent considering a diesel as their next vehicle. This could be because of a number of factors: the capital is home to 11.6 per cent of the UK’s charging points and the ULEZ is to come into effect in a couple of years.

In effect from April 2019, to improve London’s air quality, drivers of vehicles that do not meet exhaust emission standards will have to pay a daily charge when travelling through central London. Schemes such as this, alongside the abundance of charging points in the capital, are credited with a higher uptake in EVs in this area.

It has also been reported that a similar scheme could come into place in cities across the UK. Such a move would make for an uptake in lower emission vehicles across the country.

Charging points

The lower percentage of respondents considering diesel vehicles has been attributed to environmental concerns, the increased range of hybrid and EVs and a boost in public charging points.

Over the past year, there has been an increase of 19.8 per cent of charging locations in the UK, taking the total to 4,300. The number of charging points has also increased, there are now over 12,000 publicly available connectors.

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