When a long-term car hire is needed

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When a long-term car hire is needed

Whilst the majority of car hires re short and, most commonly, placed over the course of a weekend or holiday break, not all car hires are short term. Some lead to customers enjoying our range of low-emission vehicles over the course of a few weeks and, in some cases, months.

We know that it can be hard for customers to leave our vehicles, but what are the occasions when having a long-term car hire is useful? Here are some scenarios:

Longer breaks

If you are fortunate to have a holiday break that is longer than a couple of weeks, you have the opportunity and time-frame to truly explore a country or area. By driving, you have the flexibility and can stop off on your travels, wherever you wish. There’s nothing worse than being sat on a tour bus or train and having to carry on through a town or village that you’d like to look around.

By having your own mode of transport, no stone will be left unturned and you are able to stop and explore where you please.

Trying out a new car

Yes, most car showrooms will let you test drive a car before you make a purchase, but do a few laps around the surrounding neighbourhood really help you make a decision? By incorporating your new car of choice into your daily routine for a longer length of time, you get a true feel for if it works for your needs.

Hiring a car to test it for a future purchase is particularly common for people making the switch from petrol to electric. Drivers want to make sure that an electric car fits with their lifestyle before making the commitment and hiring through Green Motion can help with this.

Car replacement

Accidents happen and following an accident on the road, your car may need to spend a length of time with a mechanic for repairs. This could last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the damage.To avoid going carless, car hire is a popular option to fill the void during the car’s repair.

After an accident, drivers will most likely want a like-for-like car replacement to reduce further stress caused by getting used to a new vehicle. Green Motion’s large fleet makes like-for-like car replacement possible.

Seasonal work

Instead of having a company car to buy and maintain, it can work out cheaper to hire a vehicle as and when it is needed. If a business’s type of work is particularly seasonal, they may need a larger fleet at particular times of the year. Otherwise, contracts and projects can crop up for any business with little notice, meaning extra vehicles may be needed fast.

Affordable long term car hire in the UK

Whatever your reason for needing a long term car hire, Green Motion has 17 branches in the UK that can help. Use our online booking system to see what vehicles are available at the branch near you. 

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