​Why you should rent a car on your summer holiday

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​Why you should rent a car on your summer holiday

The first few months of the year generally mark a time where many book their summer getaways and trips to look forward to. Flights, hotels, packages and activities are all booked in advance, but for those that like to travel from place to place whilst on holiday, transport is also a key concern.

Here are the top reasons why renting a car on holiday is a good idea:

Get straight to it

As soon as you get off the plane you can have peace of mind that your rental car will be there waiting for you and you don’t have to wait for the transfer bus to the hotel. This means that you spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your holiday.


How frustrating is it when you’re on a bus abroad and you drive straight through an appealing, quaint looking village or town en route to another location? By renting a car, you can simply stop as you please and let your curiosity take over. The freedom is endless.

Hiring a car on holiday means that you don’t need to rush to catch your train and then cut your visit short by having to get the last train or bus back. You can enjoy a leisurely dinner and take your time at the famous attractions, there’s no schedule to stick to and no need to familiarise yourself with local travel links.

People like to feel at home in the environment that they’re travelling to, having your own vehicle gives you the ability to explore areas that public transport can’t take you to.

Save money

Public transport in areas that are particularly rife with tourists can be expensive. When you have a family with you, the price of getting from place to place can soon add up. A rental vehicle can be a much more cost-effective solution for travel.

Less money spent on taxis and public transport means more money in your pocket for extra activities and holiday cocktails!

Stylish driving experience

By renting a car on holiday you get to treat yourself to the latest car with extra comfort and luxury so that you can enjoy your holiday to the maximum. What’s more, if you’ve been meaning to upgrade your car at home it gives you the chance to try out a new model.

For travellers coming to the UK on holiday, we have a convenient car rental branch at many of the UK’s main airports. These are also used by Brits staying in the UK for their holidays or long weekends away.

For more information about our rental services and the vehicles we have available to hire at the branch near your holiday destination, call the relevant number or use our online booking form.

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