Government reveals plans to improve support for electric vehicles

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Government reveals plans to improve support for electric vehicles

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced plans to make charging points more frequently available and convenient for electric motorists.

As demand for low-emission vehicles increases, the DfT is consulting on a series of measures to make charging points accessible – the proposals are set to be included in the Modern Transport Bill.

There are a number of measures to be placed in the proposal including:

  • Making the location of public charging stations more accessible to the public, potentially via an online database and through mobile phone apps
  • Access to charge points without the need for multiple memberships
  • Making pricing information for electricity and hydrogen fuels consistent and transparent
  • Common standards for all public charge points to ensure EV owners can recharge anywhere and at any time

The consultation on measures for low-emission vehicle infrastructure will close on 23 November.

UK EV charging points

There are currently more than 12,000 public charging points across the UK – the largest network in Europe for rapid charge points. Over this parliament, the government has pledged more than £600m to boost ultra-low-emission vehicle uptake. The efforts have seen the number of new ULEVs registered rise by 250% in two years.

Despite the majority of UK motorists being suited to electric motoring, many people are unfortunately put off by the changes that owning an electric vehicle would bring, such as finding a charging station. More available charging points would undoubtedly benefit EV drivers.

It can be advisable to test a low-emission vehicle in your everyday life before committing to a purchase of a low-emission vehicle – making sure that the vehicle suits your needs.

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