High number of motorists suited to electric motoring

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High number of motorists suited to electric motoring

The electric vehicle market could increase by 15 times if those suited to electric motoring elected to use an EV.

The joint government and automotive campaign group, Go Ultra Low researched the mid-set of more than 2,000 UK motorists. The study compared new vehicle buyer’s purchase considerations and their driving habits to those of electric car drivers.

The research found that almost half of those questioned drive no more than 15 miles per day, while 98 per cent said that they travel less than 100 miles – a suitable range for EV or plug-in use. Buyers are also increasingly seeking low running costs, however just 12 per cent of new car buyers consider fuel, insurance and servicing costs when choosing a car. It was found that EV’s have lower maintenance costs than petrol and diesel vehicles.

Sales of plug-in cars reached a record high in the first three months of the year. This however only amounts to 1.4 per cent of total new car purchases, a figure which could rise to more than 20 per cent if drivers matched their considerations with an EV.

With many people’s driving habits suited to EVs, it seems that the only prevention is the unfamiliarity and knowledge of their benefits.

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