Shell stations to charge electric cars?

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Shell stations to charge electric cars?

It seems like we may soon see electric vehicle (EV) charging points next to gas pumps at Shell filling stations in the UK. The oil giant revealed discussions with government officials about introducing them.

Emails were released after a Freedom of Information request by DeSmogBlog. They show Shell staff and government transport officials discussing both electric cars and hydrogen fuel. One Shell employee inquired: “I have been asked whether Shell will need an electricity supply license if we are to provide a service to customers to charge their electric cars.”

The Guardian asked Shell if this meant that they intend to install charging points, and a spokesperson commented: “We are examining the potential to introduce electric vehicle charging points across some parts of our UK retail network from early 2017 onwards.”

It’s not yet clear how many of Shell’s 1,000-plus service stations will implement the chargers.

Applications like Zap Map allow UK EV drivers to locate charging points. This makes them easy to find and gives drivers the opportunity to plan stop-offs on their routes.

There are currently more than 12,000 chargers in the UK. This network is built up by companies such as Chargemaster, Ecotricity and Tesla. It’s great to see that companies like Shell are helping to move the tide toward electric cars.

We’re expecting there to be an influx in charging points in the coming years which will only help the switch to electric. Nissan recently predicted that there will be more charging bays that fuel stations in the UK in four years’ time.

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